New Developments. Is A Dismissal Coming?

A lot is going on in the Bunkerville trial. This morning when court was convened we found that several motions had been filed by the defense and  prosecution. Judge Navarro read 15 violations made by the prosecution. She cited Giglio v US, which was a Supreme Court Decision where Giglio petitioned the court for a new trial because the prosecution had promised a witness immunity if he would testify without telling the defense. I’m guessing that witness, in this case, was Dan Love, but I’m just guessing. She also cited 7 Brady Violations. Brady v Maryland was a landmark US Supreme Court Case establishing that the prosecution must turn over all evidence that might exonerate the defendant. A lot of that has gone on in this trial from the very beginning. Navarro read off several Brady violations, including emails, videos, FBI Threat Assessment reports, the knowledge of Surveillance cameras not reported, joint task force reports, about 15 violations in all−also, new evidence that has come out. The public was dismissed from the courtroom and a sealed hearing was held. I’m sure many more violations were discussed that we do not know about.

Ammon’s attorney told a small group of us that Judge Navarro was prepared to render a decision this morning, but the prosecution begged for more time. So, we will have to wait until next Tuesday to find out if the trial will go on, if a mistrial will be take place, an out and out or dismissal. Navarro said that even if a mistrial is handed down there is a question of double jeopardy.
I got to talk to Ammon this morning and he seemed very positive about the future of the trial. I also talked to Ryan Payne.  He said that he appreciates the sacrifice everyone has made to support them.

I told him that he and the others are the ones who have sacrificed.  “No, that sacrifice was inclusive,” he said. “Because many people gave their time, their livelihood, and so much more. I hope my prayers for blessings to be rained down on the people who have sacrificed will be answered.”

Everyone feels honored to support this great cause for freedom, so we have already been blessed. God has been in charge and all will work out as He has designed it to.
I’ll keep you posted of new developments.

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