Sealed Documents, An Abridgment of Free Speech and Press

The only mainstream media outlet to cover the Bunkerville trial is the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The Journal has joined with other Nevada newspapers in a motion to unseal trial documents hidden from the eyes of the public. The government team led by Steven Myhre has committed prosecutorial misconduct from the very beginning, not only with this trial, but the two previously trials, as well.

Gregory Burleson and Todd Engel were convicted on obstruction and interstate travel in aid of extortion. Burleson, who is blind and in a wheelchair, was sentenced to 68 years in prison. Judge Gloria Navarro said she had taken into consideration Burleson’s blindness and frailty, so she knocked off 5 years of his sentence. It is a good thing she did otherwise he would have gotten 73 years. He would be 121 years old with the 68 year sentence and 126 with the 73 year sentence, both life sentences anyway you look at it. It was probably a good thing Burleson was sick.
Todd Engel, who will be sentenced in March 2018 faces 30 years behind bars. Not to worry, he will only be 80 years old when released, plenty of time to live a full life and enjoy his family. Right?

If Myhre and company had not covered up evidence in the first trial there would not have been a hung jury resulting in a second trial. In all likelihood the first jury would have returned a Not Guilty verdict.
As Navarro said after reading the 15 violations committed by the prosecution, failures to turn over evidence might be “sufficient to undermine the confidence in the outcome of the trial.” Yes, I would agree. It certainly had an impact on pretrial release, not only for defendants in this and the upcoming trial, but the previous trial as well. Those men were cheated. Their families were cheated.
It just shows how far the government will go to get a conviction. More than that, it clearly shows the government has no case. You don’t have to lie to get a conviction if the party is guilty.

Unless it involves national security or positive proof showing someone may die, written and oral arguments should never be kept from the public. Why did Navarro seal this and other motion hearings? I suspect it was to keep from embarrassing the government by covering up blatant prosecutorial misconduct.

Navarro did have the integrity to speak candidly in open court about the15 Brady and Giglio violations the prosecution committed. That was bad for the government, yet it was revealed to the public. I am left to wonder how many more violations, perhaps more serious than the 15 revealed, is being hidden from the public to shield the government from further embarrassment.
This not only hides possible misconduct, it violates the First Amendment by abridging freedom of speech and press.

2 thoughts on “Sealed Documents, An Abridgment of Free Speech and Press”

  1. Why has she not reversed her convictions and thrown this whole mess out of court? Has anyone contacted the President and asked for a pardon for all, with all the lies and misconduct that has taken place?

    1. Judge Navarro will announce her decision December 20th. We should get a dismissal, or at least a mistrial. The dismissal will probably be with prejudice, meaning it cannot be retried. Even with a mistrial, according to Navarro, there is a question of double jeopardy.
      I don’t see how this case can continue, but you never know.
      Thank you for your support for the cause of freedom.

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