Corruption and More Corruption!

Former BLM Agent Larry Wooten blew the whistle on the BLM’s dirty dealings, Dan Love’s “Kill Book” and total corruption within the agency. Steven Myhre, the lead prosecutor was given this information severalĀ  months ago, but did not reveal it to the defense. This is just one of the pieces of evidence the government has held back in their quest to get a conviction.

Judge Gloria Navarro is doing everything she can within her power to make sure no one outside those in the sealed court hearings know about the government cover-up, especially the press.

Navarro called for another sealed hearing this morning, 12-15-2017 for 9 am. It was held at 8 am and was over before anyone knew about it. She called it to chastise Ammon’s attorney, Morgan Philpot and possibly sanction him for inadvertently saying something in front of the jury that was sealed.

This was not the real reason, She was trying to find out who leaked the Larry Wooten evidence, which was sealed. It was a fishing expedition to see if she could find out who let the cat out of the bag. She suspected it was Philpot, but he assured her it was not him. He told me that it was not him, and I believe him. He is a spirit filled attorney being directed by the Lord in this work.

They are going after Mr. Philpot the way they have gone after Marcus Mumford, Ammon’s Oregon attorney. He has been barred from practicing law in federal court because he defended Ammon Bundy. His law license has been temporally revoked for federal court practice. The government hates to lose and they will punish anyone who embarrasses them. The attorneys defending the Bundys and the other defendants had better watch their backs!

Nothing was said to the prosecution about their blatant lies and withholding of evidence! Not one word!

Myhre made light of the Brady violations, saying it is being blown out of proportion and there is nothing to it. Since when is there nothing to prosecutorial misconduct? Since when is there nothing to hiding evidence?

You can bet Navarro and the government will do everything within their power to cover up this malfeasance.

It will not work! We are on to them!

Navarro admitted she is feeling pressure from the public. I suspect most of that pressure is coming from the protesters with signs, Facebook, YouTube posts, blogs and supporters like you.

Myhre and his team are dishonest. Period!
And Navarro is an accomplice.

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